Any momma that delivers 7 days past her due date is a rockstar. Danielle was every bit of that and then some…

I was so excited to see her name pop up in my inbox inquiring about capturing the birth of her second child. Dani and Jon were married at Rustic Manor 1848 three years earlier so I was already a fan of their love story. Despite Jon's passionate love for Chicago sports teams, they planned a perfectly beautiful Wisconsin wedding with pearls and purple hues accenting their day. She was stunning and he just couldn't keep his eyes off her. 

We reconnected right away and knew I needed to capture her child's birth given the difficult pregnancy baby had been giving her. From the constant nausea to vomiting through her second trimester, this little man wanted her to know he was going to be a force to reckon with. Taking his sweet time to arrive was just the icing on the pregnancy cake. 

I received a text from Dani early morning excitedly informing me that her water had finally broke but she wasn't really progressing much yet. Followed by an adorable apology for possibly waking me up due to the early text. Bless, her heart that even in labor she remembered I'm not a morning person.

I double-checked my go-bag and started in on my day. By 9am she'd progressed to 4cm. Then the 12:15pm text poped up with an 8cm notification and that it's time to start now! And drive I did! Thankfully baby decided to slow its labor pace once again, allowing me ample time to arrive and hang out with mom, dad and the amazing nursing staff at Waukesha Memorial Hospital. 

Suddenly it was 2:45pm and nurses were telling Dani it was time to start pushing. She immediately went to work with powerful breaths and strong pushes; determined to meet the little man who’s been making everyone wait. After a little repositioning and some consistent pushes, Dani reached down to greet her beautiful son into the world! 

Baby Jackson (Jack as the family quickly fell into calling him) is extra special being he’s the first boy to be born on Dani’s side of the family in 17 years! Can you imagine those girl packed holiday gatherings?! He found instant comfort in mom’s arms without any fuss or objections to his new surroundings. He even latched within the first 30 minutes of birth allowing his bond with momma to strengthen immediately.  

I have to commend the amazing team at Waukesha Memorial Hospital as they were such a great support system for Dani. They kept the room filled with light conversation as we waited for the right time to start pushing, were attentive to Dani and baby’s needs and just ensured the entire experience was calm and uplifting.

Congratulations once again to Dani and Jon on the arrival of beautiful baby Jackson! May your family continue to grow with the love and strength I was was so honored to witness.

Photographer: Manor Studios 1848 (Whitney)

Hospital: Waukesha Memorial, WI