There's nothing quite like a best friend. So when you happen to find yourself pregnant at the same time as your best friend, naturally you celebrate in the most adorable way possible...a besties maternity photo shoot of course!

Being pregnant means a roller coaster of emotions so when I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon not only with my pregnant bestie, but to spend that afternoon laughing my butt bet I took it! Life gets in the way of so many moments so we decided to slow things down and just have a ton. of. fun.

Then we got most pregnant women do after an hour of belly laughs (sorry baby). So we dove into the freezer for a mid-session snack. If you're looking for some of the best ice cream around, then look no further than Scratch Ice Cream in Milwaukee, WI. No this is not an advertising plug. I'm just giving a public service announcement with a serious stamp of approval from two preggos who basically inhaled a decadent pint of amazing-ness in bed. Best lunch break ever.

This shoot was SO much fun and I cannot wait for the next pair of besties to contact me looking to have just as much fun in a combined maternity session as my girlfriend and I had. We of course got some amazing shots of each of us solo. Next time, we'll make our husbands suffer through the madness with us!

Location: Rustic Manor 1848

Photographer: Katie