Love stories….we are such suckers for them! Someone gets engaged and we want to know how it went down. So when Brett came to us asking to help plan his proposal to the girl of his dreams, we all but shouted “YES!!” before he was done asking!

Elle and Brett met at a friend’s wedding at the Rustic Manor 1848 barn in December just three years earlier but it almost wasn’t the love story it is today. At the time, Brett was living in Oregon and Elle in Wisconsin so the decision to attend his friend’s wedding was last minute indeed.

It was only after he and a group of friends banned together to commit to the trip that he was on the path to meeting his future wife.

The two never imagined they’d meet someone special at a wedding and I’m sure Elle didn’t envision that someone hanging out with her and her mother the entire evening! But Brett did, as he just couldn’t get enough of who Elle was and everything he was finding out about her.

“We look back on these photos and laugh because we look like we’ve known each other forever. Also, he charmed the pants off my mom that night!” - Elle

Brett knew that since they met at Rustic Manor 1848, it would be the perfect place to propose. And we had to agree!

So when it came time to planning the proposal, naturally we started with dinner. Brett works for an amazing winery so we had to center the food around their favorite bottle of pinot noir. With the help from the chef at Red Circle Inn, we preordered two medium rare filets, a medley of vegetables with mashed potatoes, perfectly sauced mushrooms and a light strawberry salad for dinner.

Pink champagne to toast with right after she said “Yes” was also a must. After all it was Valentine’s Day! And when it came to dessert, there was only one choice….Chocolate Oreo Volcano custard from Culvers; Elle’s favorite flavor of course.

We then focused on little details like making sure their shared Spotify playlist would begin playing the moment she walked in, red roses and candles at their intimate dinner table and the perfect time to pop the question. The couple has a tradition of taking a shot of cognac from a specific bottle after each big moment together in their lives. Brett made sure to bring this bottle along with 2 of his grandmother’s shot glasses. The couple shared their celebratory shot after dinner, marking yet another amazing moment in their lives together.

Our job was simple, pick up and beautifully plate dinner, make sure drinks were always filled and capture Brett getting down on one knee. I hid behind the bar and positioned myself behind a pillar so my camera was out of sight and waited for Brett to make his move. It took every ounce of effort not to start crying myself as I watched Elle’s face light up the room as soon as Brett reached for his back pocket!

There was no better way for my husband and I to spend Valentine’s Day. The evening was picture perfect and we’re so blessed to have been able to share such a special moment in Brett and Elle’s lives. Congratulations to you both!

Venue: Rustic Manor 1848

Photographer: Manor Studios 1848 (Whitney)

Caterer: Red Circle Inn

Dessert: Culvers

Proposal Planning & Coordination: Rustic Manor 1848 (Whitney)