I get it, making the decision to schedule your boudoir session can be incredibly terrifying! Most women come to us feeling anxious about the session’s unknown and it can take a few minutes or even 1 outfit change for you to really open up.

Making the right wardrobe selections are a key part in feeling confident in your session. The other part? Knowing your makeup is on point. Let’s be honest, if you know you makeup in banging, you’re going to have a little extra spring in your step before we even get started. Not to mention the fact that a boudoir session is a serious investment. Why not make sure you’re 100% confident in how you look so you can show us that sassy beautiful self?!

For an amazing look worthy of your boudoir session, we recommend the airbrush makeup services from Lustrous Beauty Studio. Ask for Kelly and tell them Whitney sent you to prepare for your boudoir session. These ladies handle all our airbrush makeup needs each time we host a Boudoir in the Barn event which means we’ve worked with them countless times. Trust us when we say, they are the perfect way to kick off your boudoir preparations!