How Does Birth Photography Work?

Capturing one of the most powerful and meaningful moments of your life is my greatest honor. Every birthing story is beautiful and unique in it’s own way. For me, silently capturing these intimate moments so you can share your child’s story is unlike any other opportunity. My approach is simple; capture your birthing story as it unfolds, as if I’m not even there so you can focus on your body, your baby and your family.

I understand that your little can arrive at any time. In the ten days leading up to your due date along with the ten days following, my commitment to you is to keep an open and flexible schedule so I can be “on call” when that moment finally arrives. I only accept one birth a month to focus on each mother individually.

As your due date approaches, I ask that you or your significant other keep me posted via text as to you progress with any early signs that labor is coming on. I’d rather be notified of a false alarm than miss a quick birth! Next, I’ll need notification that you’re in route to your hospital or birthing center. Finally, I’ll need notification when you are in active labor; 4-7 cm dilated or unable to speak though contractions.

My job is to capture your active labor, all the moments of you giving birth, along with every sweet moment following your baby’s arrival. I do not use flash photography, props and I do not “pose” images. Everything is captured as it unfolds as if I was not even there. If you have any inspiration shots you’d like to share with me, please do! Just remember that every birth is different and I strongly encourage you to simply “be in the moment”. You can anticipate me staying to capture precious first moments for up to two hours after birth.


Your Investment

Includes myself, Whitney, as your 24/7 on-call photographer ten days before and ten days after your due date
Coverage up to 2 hours after birth
Digital gallery with a minimum of 200 high resolution edited images
One 8x12 canvas of an image of your choosing
10% off any of our newborn photography packages

$1,000 + tax

I understand that inviting someone to be part of this intimate experience is a very big decision. By investing in me, I’ll allow you to get lost in the excitement and nerves of every moment, making sure your special moments aren’t forgotten or missed. It is an honor to have you consider me as your birthing photographer. I look forward to the opportunity to connect with you and learn more about your growing family!